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Worried about mold, moisture damage, or indoor air quality? With 9 years of experience, Environmental Air Solutions provides top-notch indoor air quality inspection services for buildings, including homes, offices, apartments, schools, and medical facilities.

The main concern with mold is airborne exposure. Airborne mold is not visible to the naked eye. Poor cleanups may disturb mold, causing high airborne mold levels, and spreading the mold throughout a building. Mold assessments without airborne mold testing must be considered incomplete. Of course, where extensive visible mold is obvious, there may not always be a need for testing.
Mold Testing

Extensive Moisture Damage and Indoor Air Quality Assessments

We can check for moisture damage using a variety of field meters and an infrared camera. This includes roof leaks, wet basements, and more. In many cases, we can perform moisture assessments with minimum damage.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an important concern as buildings are becoming more energy-efficient. Poor ventilation, dust, allergens, and volatile chemicals sometimes contribute to health symptoms. Environmental Air Solutions can perform IAQ assessments.

Quick and Affordable Testing Services

Our service areas include South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. We offer quick service and can often provide initial mold test results within 2 business days after testing.

We offer reasonable prices and a variety of options where finances may be limited. Let Environmental Air Solutions help you find peace of mind! We offer FREE estimates over the phone.
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