Odorox Case Studies

FDA Approval

FDA reviewed and approved comprehensive test data:

  • Surface and aerosolized microorganism kill rate studies 
  • Studies of the amounts of chemicals and by-products generated 
  • Electrical, mechanical and radiation studies 
  • Toxicology studies - first in the industry

Approved MDU/Rx™ unit safe for use in occupied spaces in medical facilities

FDA 510(k) #133800 

CASE STUDY 1: Large Rendering Facility

  • Threat of closure due to strong odor emissions and pest detection offences (probably due to bio-film and mold build up).
  • Routine cleaning and $50K+ a month on chemicals to mask the odors did not solve problems.
  • Odorox® technology (MVP14™ and MVP48™ units) were permanently installed at strategic points in the facility. 
  • Rapid and sustained resolution of problems.
  • 100% saving on money spent on chemicals and reduction of water consumption by 10,000 gallons a month.
  • Reversed biofilm and mould collection over time.
  • Now considered a ‘model’ rendering facility within the industry. 
MVP14™ unit injects hydroxyls over rotting organic food scraps in collection pit. Eradicates odors & adds to raw material preservation with no sign of insects or flies. However by then injecting hydroxyls into the cooker room treatment space, FOG in the air and on surfaces disappears. Original placement of MVP™ units within the odorous & particulate rich (FOG) recirculating air inside the treatment space reduced the system’s performance and increased maintenance requirements.

CASE STUDY 2: Poultry Processing Facility

One MVP14™ unit blanketed the odor source directly (chicken waste DAF). Other units located within the room eliminated all fugitive odor complaints 

CASE STUDY 3: Wet Wells

  • WWTP lift stations (wet wells) in residential neighbourhoods. 
  • Up to 30ppm hydrogen sulphide (detected outside wet wells). 
  • Stacks, carbon filtration, liquid scrubbers technologies &/or chemical odour abatement supplies usually ineffective, expensive and not sustainable in the long term.
  • Odorox® technology (often MVP14s) installed and hydroxyl radicals forced into the well.
  • Odorox® generators totally counteract H2S representing significant year-on-year savings, rapid payback and reduced health and local issues with low energy consumption and low maintenance needs. 
  • Units now installed in satellite plants.

CASE STUDY 4: Sludge Station - Toxic Gas

Outcome: High H2S levels, some previously undetected and well above normal safety limits, were quickly and completely neutralized (in a few minutes) in different parts of the station using Odorox® MVP14™ systems. (All levels were monitored remotely without ambient chemicals and with the in- situ exhaust fan turned off when the MVP14™s were turned on so fully validating Odorox® effects).

CASE STUDY 5: Car Manufacturer

  • A leading car manufacturer using a vegetable-based oil to cool and lubricate CNC machines. Strong permeating odors attracted unwelcome attention from the local authorities.
  • The manufacturer carried out an extensive series of tests resulting in the installation of Odorox® MVP™s on the production lines.
  • As well as odor removal, significant reductions in biofilm build up in the plant were noted with significant reduction in cleaning costs and production down time.

  • Units are being installed in similar plants both nationwide and globally to meet both this and other related air quality issues.

CASE STUDY 6: Aluminum Recycling Facility

  • Norwegian aluminum recycling facility producing high concentrations of odorous gases.
  • Repeatedly closed down by municipality.
  • Alternatives for neutralizing emissions (e.g. addition of a wet scrubber) were limited by space requirements and the need for an “immediate solution”.
  • Odorox® MVP™ generators installed in a matter of weeks and immediately began to neutralize odors.
  • Full implementation report underway as further refinements being delivered.

CASE STUDY 7: Commercial Offices 

  • A new 8 floor corporate tower designed for around 400 employees.
  • Quality of air in new premises with VOC off-gassing suspected from new construction materials and carpets.
  • Employee general health issues (headaches, drowsiness) and sick days.
  • Unforeseen migrating odors due to cooking facilities on each floor.
  • 12x Odorox® In-Duct (IDU™) units were installed into the existing HVAC ducting on each of 2 floors to treat all occupied spaces on those floors. The effects were monitored by landlords. 
  • Original VOC levels measured 4000-8000 ppm but after 30 days of IDU™ operation the VOC level was 50 ppm and odors had gone.

  • Within 60 days VOCs were undetectable and issue improvement noted.

  • The landlords considered the installation a success and commissioned IDU™s for the other 6 floors. 

CASE STUDY 8: Major Retail Warehouse Fire

  • Norwegian aluminum recycling facility producing high concentrations of odorous gases.
  • Repeatedly closed down by municipality.
  • Alternatives for neutralizing emissions (e.g. addition of a wet scrubber) were limited by space requirements and the need for an “immediate solution”.
  • Odorox® MVP™ generators installed in a matter of weeks and immediately began to neutralize odors.
  • Full implementation report underway as further refinements being delivered.

CASE STUDY 9: Agriculture / Horticulture

  • Indoor greenhouse (growing) environments create significant challenges with gas, odor, germicidal, fungicidal, pest, mould, and humidity control issues.
  • Medical Marijuana cultivation with Odorox® technology providing a hydroxyl rich environment. Key observations included:                                                                                                                           - Greater and stronger plant yield than previously seen
               - Lower incidence of disease                                                                           - Odour minimized
CONCLUSIONS:   More data needed to study effects on:
  • Crop maturation cycles, health and storage needs.
  • Odor compounds that attract insects, spider mites, rodents and so reduce pesticide usage. 
  • Minimization of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds

CASE STUDY 10: Equine Care

1. LOCATION: Possibly #1 equestrian centre in the world

  • The 3500 sqm centre zone needs to rapidly switch from horse/bovine competitions to galas and social events.
  • 6x HRC06™ units have solved the odor & operational issues.
2. LOCATION:   Large private stables with about 25 resident horses

  • Ammonia levels from urine meant strong odours and VOCs 
  •  Potential bacteria and virus infections were an issue 
  • 1x Odorox® HRC06 and 2x Boss XL3s with air movers installed covering the 3 lanes.
  • All VOC levels lowered significantly, no noticeable odours, no flies in barn, reduced microflora and seemingly healthier horses.

CASE STUDY 11: Restoration  

1. LOCATION:  A new luxury house build (400sqm) 

  • Large areas of unsightly mould appearing on certain internal walls on all 3 floors suggesting an underlying damp problem. Breathing issues apparently caused by spores and damp odours. 
  • In addition to review and repair of the damp proofing work Odorox® SlimLine units were rotated between the affected areas during a period of 5 days.
  • Breathing problems improved within 48 hours and by day 5 all mould was dead and was easily washed off with soap and water and did not reappear.
2. LOCATION:   Urban house set on 4 floors (250sqm)

  • Concern about internal air quality due to outside traffic. Family allergies.
  • Two Slimline units were positioned strategically, 2 floors apart, in louvered cupboards and run intermittently on timers.
  • Although not measured analytically air quality was considered to be ‘improved’ and the occupants are running a record of allergy, illness and sleep improvement.

CASE STUDY 12: Brewing Industry  

  • In a large brewery bacteria levels are constantly monitored (by ATP and plate tests). Upon reaching an established threshold in a particular zone production is halted to carry out a long and costly cleaning cycle.  
  • Within 24 hours of installation of MVP™ Odorox® technology dramatic reductions of ambient bacteria levels were achieved. 
  • The brewery was able to eliminate an entire 12-hour cleaning cycle each week per production line.
  • Reduction of unscheduled shutdowns by 90% was also achieved as well as prevention of biofilm build up so reducing ongoing use of sanitation chemicals e.g. Chlorine Dioxide mist was reduced by 65% and water consumption by 20,000 gallons a day.
  • Company now has 9x MVP ™ units installed in 6 different breweries. 

CASE STUDY 13: : Hospital Infections  

  • A simple study in a major hospital in Brazil studied capacity of Odorox® Slimlinetm unit to reduce Colony Forming Units (CFUs)
  • The CFU target in the area where the study was conducted (i.e. patient recovery room) was < 200
  • Following installation of Odorox® technology, within an hour reduced CFU’s in the ambient air to below 200 and ultimately to as low as 40 following 2 weeks of use (the result was statistically significant)

There was no statistically significant result possible with the use of Odorox® on surfaces due to the need to maintain ongoing practice and a lack of prevalence of CFU’s further studies in preparation.

CASE STUDY 14: : Heavy Smoke Damage  


7,000,000 Cu Ft. Costco And All Of Its Contents Incurred Heavy Smoke Damage:
  • Business Interruption - $1,000,000 per day
  • Store was projected to be closed for remediation for up to a month
  • ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators were installed the afternoon following the fire
  • Store reopened for business as usual in 36 hours
  • ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators operated and treated the facility while the public shopped

CASE STUDY 15: : Rendering/Food Processing  

Savings: >$350K/year  

Tallowmasters – South Florida
  • Eliminated regulatory fines ($25K / infraction) for odor production
  • Volume processing restrictions were removed
  • Enabled process re-engineering to reduce energy consumption
  • Dramatic reduction in water and chemical consumption
  • Reduced risk of salmonella contamination for food production

CASE STUDY 16: Fire, Smoke, Soot and Water Damage  


  • Fire, smoke, soot and water damage were found in varying degrees throughout the 75,000 sq. ft.  store.
  • Within 12 hours of the call, ODOROX® MVP™ hydroxyl generators were dispatched to the store.
  • All physical remediation was performed at the same time the hydroxyl generators deodorized/neutralized the air, structure and contents.
  • Rug & Home was able to save 10,000 rug inventory.

Reopened for business within 2 days 

CASE STUDY 17: Healthcare (Chile)    

  • Clinical Study conducted in ICU of a major hospital in Santiago (Chile)
  • Objective: determine the efficacy of Odorox® technology to reduce the presence of bacteria in the ambient air
  • Aerobic Mesophiles (CFU's)
  • Fungus and Yeast
  • Ecoli 
  • S. Areus
  • Salmonella
  • Pseudomonas
  • Listeria Monocyogenes

  • 2 phases: 'with and without' Odorox tech.
  • 4 isolated cultures with Petri plates
  • Intervals: 3h - 6h - 9h - 24h - 48h 

CASE STUDY 18: Healthcare (Brazil)    

  • Leading Brazilian hospital conducted clinical trial to determine Odorox® technology’s capacity to reduce CFUs (Colony Forming Units/Bacteria)
  • Study conducted in Surgical Recovery Room with patients present. CFU target: 200
  • Within one hour using Odorox® technology, hospital reduced CFU’s to below 200 CFU target and to as low as 40 after 2 weeks of use

Typical Office and Retail Installations

Self-contained & portable IDU™ or Oasis™ units inject Odorox® atmospheric hydroxyls through any air handling system. This offers installation flexibility and provides mounting versatility while addressing all types of indoor air quality issues.


Healthy Choice
  • Clean air naturally
  • Cut the time spent on job by 95%!
  • Eliminate bacteria and the toughest contaminants by 99.9%!
  • Machines can operate around kids, pets and plants … Safely!
  • Save millions in costs!
Unhealthy Choice
  • Use Harsh chemicals
  • Long operating time = lost revenue
  • Not as effective = problem persists
  • Evacuation of premises, removal of goods, furniture, pets and plants
  • Millions in costs, fines, lost revenue and more!


"I can't thank Odorox enough. I was skeptical that their hydroxyl generator would actually help with such intense chemicals in my print shop. I've tried other remedies in the past but none worked. I noticed a dramatic difference in the first couple of hours, and by the next day my shop smelled fresh and clean. I am truly amazed! I no longer have headaches and chronic fatigue. My neighbors, flower shop, have noticed a big difference as well. I would not hesitate to recommend hydroxyl generators to anyone suffering from air quality problems.“

David Bell
PA Printing Inc.
Dear Odorox Team,

We had Odorox Environmental come to our Hotel and deploy the use of an XL3 in one of our smoking rooms that we have set aside for our smoking guests. In general, these dedicated smoking rooms maintain an odor of smoke that is very difficult to eradicate through our current cleaning efforts which consist of treating rooms with labor, chemicals and an ozone machine. Much to my amazement the room that was treated with using nothing but the XL3 and its' Hydroxyl technology had absolutely no trace of smoke smell whatsoever in less than 24 hours! Even the drapes, carpet and bed linens were all devoid of any trace of smoke odor. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed. In addition, the machine allowed us the capability of removing other odors from wherever else we used it, such as eating areas, laundry areas, hallways and any other place we deemed important to our Guest satisfaction. That machine was like a miracle! In my 20 plus years in Hotel operations I can say I have not come across anything quite like this.

Debbie Speziale
General Manager
Baymont Inn & Suites
I just wanted to express my thanks for the air freshening unit you had placed in my listing on Jedburgh Rd. The product worked better than I ever expected. The hydroxyl machine was the most effective air-cleansing system I've ever seen. In one day, it removed an odor from a home that had resisted everything else we tried on it. The whole experience was effortless and the homeowners were thrilled. Kudos to the team at Hydroxyl!“

Thanks Again, I believe the system helped me sell the house for my clients.

Adam Parsons
Bosley Real Estate Ltd

To Whom It May Concern:

Our company is in the business of preparing a homeowner's home for sale. We encountered a home that had a severe cooking odor problem. The odor had penetrated the furniture, rugs and walls and nothing we tried was able to remove or even mask it. Enter Hydroxyl. Robert Dawes and his team had an Hydroxyl machine into the home in a moment's notice. In less than 24 hours, the odor was completely eliminated! I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it. "This process is completely non-evasive and performs while the house is occupied. It is highly recommended for home owners that wish to eradicate the odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacteria etc… caused by pets, smoking, cooking or homes that are simply aging. This Green technology is a non-chemical device that provides an environmentally safe solution for treating homes or businesses. "We highly recommend it!“

Drew Williams
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