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Manufacturer of Odorox® and Ohair® Products -The Scientifically Proven Hydroxyl Generator

Mold Testing
HGI Industries has created cutting edgehydroxyl generating technology which has been at the forefront of high volume odor processing, air-decontamination and air-purification for the past decade. The company headquarters, main research and development, and all custommanufacturing, operates fromourfacility in BoyntonBeach, Florida.Odorox® and OHAir® products are being marketedand sold through distributors and dealers intheUS,Canada, China, Denmark, Australia, Central/South America, Japan, Italy, UK and the UAE. Target applications include agriculture, food, wastewater treatment, hospitality, beverage, cruise lines, automotive, restoration (including fire and flood damage) as well as in the personal health & wellness sectors.
This patented “Green Technology at Work®” is ascientifically proven Hydroxyl Generator. This non-chemical device provides an environmentally safe solution for removing
odors and destroying bacteria & disease.

Odorox® Hydroxyl Technology

HGI designs, manufacturesand distributes the most advanced hydroxyl solutionsfor the most challenging air and surface sanitizing problems in the industry.

Hydroxyls Basic Overview

Proprietary Quartz Optics Create A Powerful Range Of Uv Energy That Splits Water Molecules To Form Hydroxyls(Ho•)

ODOROX® Technology replicates the Sun’s natural UV irradiation process to transform water vapor into a natural cascade of “hydroxyl” and other free radical oxidants thus neutralizing organic and inorganic contaminants, bacteria, virus and mold in air and onsurfaces.

This system does not require all of the contaminants to pass through the processing chamber, which guarantees a more rapid and thoroughdecontamination.

The cascade of organic oxidizing agents is stable enough to react with nearly all organic chemicals and many inorganic chemicals throughout the entire treatment space. As long as the system is in operation, chain reactions continue, ensuring constant flow of hydroxyls.

Hydroxyls –Superior Oxidation Potential

Odorox® Surface Test Results

Odorox® Surface Test Results

Static Methods Ineffective

Odorox® -- A Complete Solution!

Industry Challenges

Costs have risen in every industry and everyone is looking for solutions to help reduce their bottomline. Air and surface contamination costs businesses billions of dollars a year in fines and costs.


The ODOROX® product line has solutions for restaurants, bars and clubs, spas, hotels and resorts, conference and event halls, cruise ships and timeshares.

Decontamination HO∙ With Odorox®


>99.99% kill rate fora wide range of bacteria, virus and mold.

Effective against:
• Hard surfaces
• Porous material,
• Microorganisms in the air.


More than a million times faster than soaps, peroxides, ozone.

• Cinetic and thermodynamically preferred.


• FDA toxicology animal study(GLP)

• FDA Approved


LOVELACE RESPIRATORY RESEARCH INSTITUTE the premier US atmospheric chemistry research center, verified Odorox® HO• formation and reaction rates

conducted Odorox® toxicology studies, verified safety according to strict FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standard

SERVICES quantitatively measured the decomposition of a wide range of pollutants reacting with Odorox® oxidants (Seewww.hgiind.com)

ATS andARE LABS verified Odorox® technology capability to kill wide range of clinically and commercially important bacteria, viruses and molds (fungi) in the air and on surfaces (See www.hgiind.com)

FDA approved the MDU/Rx™ as a medical device in occupied spaces in hospitals (510k

Restoring Nature’s Balance Indoors

Odorox® systems use the same UV irradiation as the SUN to transform water vapor into a natural cascade of hydroxyl free radicals and oxidants, which eliminate contaminants,
bacteria, virus and organic or inorganic mold on surfaces and in the air.
The Odorox® process safely restores the balance of nature’s fresh, safe air indoors.

ODOROX® Application Integration

How Our Solution Works


List of Services



ARE ->4 Log Reduction Bioaeorosols

Staphylococcus –(Gram Positive bacterium)

Erwinia herbicola –(Gram Negative bacterium)

MS2 virus –(Mammalian influenza surrogate)

Phi-X174 virus –(HIV, HCV surrogate)

Aspergillus niger –(Black Mold)

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